Another Spring and Hannah Hodgkinson

Hannah Hodgkison is another charming visitor: a tiny, bright and cheerful little sampler that caught my eye.

Hannah Hodgkinson: the original for this design.

Without a date or a place, we could not locate Hannah in the historical records, but spending time with her work, I can’t help but think she was a bright, cheerful little girl. Her colour palette is unusual in its pinks and bright blue and greens. And her little critters: only a cheerful soul would create a pink cow/donkey and a strange earless beast!

The colours of this sampler make me think of Spring, and I decided to chart two versions: one that is a strict reproduction and one that is my adaptation, which I called ‘Another Spring’. The quotation is taken from LM Montgomery, to evoke hope and renewal.

The chart contains information for stitching either version: it uses the same colours and is the same size. A quick stitch, I hope it adds a spark of colour and cheer to your home.