New silks and Humble Sampler conversions

It’s been very humbling to me to see the love for ‘The Humble Sampler’ – I thought Harriett’s sampler was a beauty, and I’m delighted that you agree. As I have had some requests for colour conversion for the bright colours on the back, I’ve put one together, as well as a silk conversion for the soft colours on the front.

Bright colourway conversion

These colours are SO bright! As requested, I’ve put together a colour conversion for the reverse of ‘The Humble Sampler’, and stitching it in these will be a completely different beast… I’ve created a PDF that you can download by below with the list, and some stitching tips.

As the fading on the front has been uneven, there are actually more colours on the back. In the PDF, I’ve added a diagram to show you where the extra colours are, but feel free to play around with the palette and have fun!

Colours from the front
(used in the chart)
Bright colours from the back
(in overdyes & DMC)
Classic Colorworks (CC) Cherry CobblerWDW Candy Apple/DMC 321
Weeks Dye Works (WDW) ChrysanthemumWDW Sweet Potato/DMC 920
WDW WhiskeyGA Harvest Moon/DMC 783
The Gentle Art (GA) Antique RoseWDW Bluecoat Red/DMC 3328
GA Raspberry FrostWDW Red Pear/DMC 223
WDW SandCC Mulled Berries/DMC 33
GA BurlapCC Pine Needles/DMC 730
WDW SchneckleyWDW Grasshopper/DMC 732
CC Steamed BroccoliCC Mistletoe/DMC 890
GA Baby SpinachCC Grasshopper/DMC 3345
WDW Dried SageCC Jolly Holly/DMC 368
CC Joshua TreeFor the border: CC Eve’s Leaves/ DMC 3364
For the flower: CC Wisconsin Woods/ DMC 28
WDW CornsilkFor the border: GA Dried Thyme/DMC 3347
For the flower: WDW Seafoam 3817
WDW DoveWDW Seafoam/DMC 3817
GA Wood TrailGA Dark Chocolate/DMC 838
Additional for flowers: WDW Williamsburg Blue/DMC 32
Bright colourway conversion for ‘The Humble Sampler’

New silks! Cascade House Embroidery

Is there anything more exciting than new threads to play with? I’m thrilled to be working with Robyn from Cascade House Embroidery, another talented dyer in this wonderful needlework community. Robyn’s silks are used by many of the world’s top embroiderers, and I’m very happy to be able to share them with you.

I love hand-dyed threads, and Cascade House Embroidery’s stranded silk have that warmth and movement that I don’t always find with larger, commercially-dyed silks. Some of the colours are solid, while others are more variegated, and they give tremendous richness and depth to your stitching. And of course, the sheer pleasure of stitching with silk!

Cascade House Embroidery stranded silk skeins are 7.5 metres (8.2 yards) of six-stranded silk and are very good value for silk. The skeins are larger than Weeks/Gentle Arts/Classic Colorworks, but smaller than Cottage Garden Threads, and very economical: I’m selling them for AU$6 (just over US$4) per skein.

I hope to stock the full range over time, but to start out, I have a beautiful selection of reds and pinks for stitching ‘All my red threads’ and a colour conversion for ‘The Humble Sampler’.

Silk conversion for ‘The Humble Sampler’

I have put together a colour conversion in the beautiful Cascade House Embroidery silks, and full threadpacks and individual skeins are up in my Etsy store for you to try.

The colour conversion is provided below and you can download a PDF version below:

Overdyed cottons

Cascade House Embroidery silk
Classic Colorworks (CC) Cherry Cobbler4020
Weeks Dye Works (WDW) Chrysanthemum3226
WDW Whiskey2230
The Gentle Art (GA) Antique Rose3240
GA Raspberry Frost3830
WDW Sand 4410
GA Burlap 7890
WDW Schneckley2350
CC Steamed Broccoli7258
GA Baby Spinach7250
WDW Dried Sage7595
CC Joshua Tree7880
WDW Cornsilk1768
WDW Dove9020
GA Wood Trail2660
Silk conversion for ‘The Humble Sampler’

Do let me know what you think of the silks and tag me if you stitch with them, or the bright colourway – I can’t wait to see! Happy stitching xo

Oh, and keep an eye out for my new Flosstube – there’s a giveaway!