H Sophia Baker: An antique reproduction sampler freebie

Not all reproduction samplers are quiet and subdued. Meet H Sophia Baker.

I love old samplers. They often appear almost ghostly, having faded so far into time. Others arrive with freshly-lipsticked smile, all bright and gleaming.

H Sophia Baker is one such freshly-painted gem. I love her rough stitches, her almost-garish colours and her sense of cheer. I can’t help but think that little Sophia relished her bright wools. I hope you enjoy stitching this as much as I think Sophia did.

The pdf of H Sophia Baker 1878 contains both a black-and-white and a colour chart. To see an adaptation of this design, see my Together 2020 project. Enjoy!

New silks and Humble Sampler conversions

It’s been very humbling to me to see the love for ‘The Humble Sampler’ – I thought Harriett’s sampler was a beauty, and I’m delighted that you agree. As I have had some requests for colour conversion for the bright colours on the back, I’ve put one together, as well as a silk conversion for…

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The Humble Sampler: Harriett Turner 1868

An antique adaptation with heart. Sometimes a little piece of history comes your way and just captures your heart. From the moment I saw Harriett’s needlepoint sampler, I knew she was a kindred soul. While the beautiful, almost abstract flowers first caught my eye, it was the sentiment that really drew me to the piece.…

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All my red threads…

A new stashbuster design. When I was working on ‘LT 1909’, it struck me how many red threads I keep returning to, as well as how many I had waiting for me to pick up. An idea sparked with me, and the result is this pin pillow: a homage to one of my favourite colours…

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LT 1909

An antique reproduction and a mini design. When I’m especially busy (or, let’s be honest, a bit frazzled), I find I reach for monochrome stitching. Working with a single colour is particularly restful, as you can just focus on the calming repetition of thread flowing through linen. And, more often than not, it’s a redwork…

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