Together 2020: A freebie

It’s not a medal, but a recognition

I was playing around while working on my reproduction of H Sophia Baker, 1878, trying out the colour palette and made this adaptation. Antique reproductions can be stitched exactly, or you can adapt, change and recreate elements of the original into a new design.

While trying to work out a simple way to mark the current moment, I figured one thing I’ve learnt, more than ever, is the importance of togetherness. Feel free to adapt the wording or the date, or stitch this as a recognition of success. Just getting through this year is an achievement.

The pdf of Together 2020 contains both a colour and black-and-white chart, and two colourways: the antiqued version (pictured above) and a bright version. Enjoy!

Bright palette

The Humble Sampler: Harriett Turner 1868

An antique adaptation with heart. Sometimes a little piece of history comes your way and just captures your heart. From the moment I saw Harriett’s needlepoint sampler, I knew she was a kindred soul. While the beautiful, almost abstract flowers first caught my eye, it was the sentiment that really drew me to the piece.…

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All my red threads…

A new stashbuster design. When I was working on ‘LT 1909’, it struck me how many red threads I keep returning to, as well as how many I had waiting for me to pick up. An idea sparked with me, and the result is this pin pillow: a homage to one of my favourite colours…

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LT 1909

An antique reproduction and a mini design. When I’m especially busy (or, let’s be honest, a bit frazzled), I find I reach for monochrome stitching. Working with a single colour is particularly restful, as you can just focus on the calming repetition of thread flowing through linen. And, more often than not, it’s a redwork…

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Christmas Bells – Bookshelf colour conversion

As much as I can, I love to make my Christmas gifts – there’s nothing quite like giving a loved one something handmade. In the run-up to the busyness of the season, it’s a good excuse to take some quiet moments for yourself. In my gift-giving this year, I wanted to re-stitch my ‘Christmas Bells’…

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