Together 2020: A freebie

It’s not a medal, but a recognition

I was playing around while working on my reproduction of H Sophia Baker, 1878, trying out the colour palette and made this adaptation. Antique reproductions can be stitched exactly, or you can adapt, change and recreate elements of the original into a new design.

While trying to work out a simple way to mark the current moment, I figured one thing I’ve learnt, more than ever, is the importance of togetherness. Feel free to adapt the wording or the date, or stitch this as a recognition of success. Just getting through this year is an achievement.

The pdf of Together 2020 contains both a colour and black-and-white chart, and two colourways: the antiqued version (pictured above) and a bright version. Enjoy!

Bright palette

A new retreat!

I’m thrilled to be invited to gorgeous Hobart this June for a brand new retreat held by A Stitch in Time. Kerrilyn owns a beautiful needlework store, and is tremendously supportive of Australian designers, dyers and stitchers. And, she had the genius idea of hosting a stitching retreat at the same time as Hobart’s world-renowned…

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Peace & Plenty: A New Year’s Wish

I must confess a secret. I often look at antique samplers and embroideries and wonder about the lives that the stitchers lived. I wonder about their hopes and dreams, and how they stitched themselves into their work, which survives long after them. And so I want to stitch my hopes into my work, each tiny…

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Christmas 2021: Christmas hot & cold

Christmas is not all snowmen and reindeer for everyone. In Australia, Christmas Day is typically uncomfortably hot, spent under blazing blue skies with family and friends. The way we celebrate is different too: when I was little, I remember one of my grandmothers battling to create the traditional baked lunch, when it was too hot…

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Falling Leaves

Don’t you just love that crunch of Autumn leaves under your feet? My new Quaker design explores the beauty of the changing leaves of Autumn and Fall, and the creatures that you can find alongside them. In Australia, the vast majority of our native plants do not change colours for Autumn (with an interesting exception…

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