Together 2020: A freebie

It’s not a medal, but a recognition

I was playing around while working on my reproduction of H Sophia Baker, 1878, trying out the colour palette and made this adaptation. Antique reproductions can be stitched exactly, or you can adapt, change and recreate elements of the original into a new design.

While trying to work out a simple way to mark the current moment, I figured one thing I’ve learnt, more than ever, is the importance of togetherness. Feel free to adapt the wording or the date, or stitch this as a recognition of success. Just getting through this year is an achievement.

The pdf of Together 2020 contains both a colour and black-and-white chart, and two colourways: the antiqued version (pictured above) and a bright version. Enjoy!

Bright palette

Afternoon in the Garden

An antique reproduction The mysterious origins of this sampler Some samplers are a mystery. This piece, reproduced from an original in my collection, tantalises with its enigmatic initials and charms with its details – that little dog hiding under the table laid out for refreshments in the garden, that rooster standing proudly, and that figure…

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Just Turning

Part of the @xstitchtherainbow2022 Autumn Garden SAL This little pin-pillow is my contribution to the Autumn Garden SAL – where 25 designers exhibiting at Needlework Expo this year all used the same palette of Cottage Garden Threads to create unique designs. Watching all the creativity shown in these 25 different designs has been so inspiring,…

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Twitching noses

An antique reproduction Sometimes you can be lucky enough to stumble across an antique piece of needlework that just makes you smile. The original of this design was done completely in petit-point – the tiny stitches creating such a lifelike image, I could almost see those ears turning and those noses twitching. I tried several…

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Cross-stitching with Cottage Garden Threads: Tips & Tricks

This is a long-promised post, and one that’s just a beginning. The more I work with Cottage Garden Threads in my designs, the more I discover about their potential for bringing new & exciting things into cross-stitch. The following are some tips & tricks that I’ve discovered so far, but I’d love to hear your…

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